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    Service commitment

     Customer commitment

    Technical Service Commitment
          1. According to the contract, guarantee to provide customer technical consultation, field survey, design and other technical services.
          2. According to the contract, guarantee to provide customer technical information needed in operation and maintance on time.
          3. According to the contract or customer requirements, send experienced technical staff to guide installation and deduggibg on time. guarantee to hold installation,
              adjustment, utilizing, maintance and other technical training regularly. We guarantee to reply customer within 24 hours as soon as we receive any quality problem
              information. We will send out the service staff to the project site as soon as possible, mainly within 48 hours, to assure customer satisfaction.

    Product Quality Commitment
          1. Guarantee to coincide with relevant national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, also coincide with the contract and production technical
             requirements, in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.
          2. Guarantee to take the quality responsibility of equipments, include attachments and outsourced mechanical parts.
          3. For the encamp factory supervisor, our company will assure to provide daily convenience

    Delivery Commitment
          1. Assure to deliver the products on time according to the contract.

    After-sale Service Commitment
          1. Our company is always working on Industrializing the scientific research results and serving in environment protection and municipal projects construction,
              company is developing quickly in the EP industry, especially in water treatment industry and hazadous waste incineration industry, our company already has
              mature specialized technology. We have world class team of research, design, manufacturing, installation and adjustment, combines science, technology,
              industry and trading together. Company has the certification of ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001:2004 and UK(UKAS) certification, GB/T18001-2001 standards
              and Health&Safety Career Management Qualification.

          2. Provide world class after-sale service:
              A. Life time service is provided.
              B. After receiving client's requirement of site instruction, our company will send technical staff to the site within 2 days.
              C. After installation and adjustment, the warranty period is 12 monthes. If there is any quality problem within warranty period, we will reply within 24 hours after
                   we receive the notification, also we will send the technical staff to the site within 48 hours. All expences are on our charge.
              D. After the warranty period, we will also long-term provide mechanical parts and other attachments, technical staff will be sent if necessary,
                   and we will charge approperate expense.
              E. We will take responsibility of the client training for free.
              F. Our company is providing comprehensive operation and maintance handbook.