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    Group corporation


    Jiangsu Yihuan Group (Originated from Yixing No.1 Environmental Protection Equipment Factory in 1976 -- Jiangsu Yihuan Group Company--Jiangsu Yihuan Group Co., Ltd.) has experienced changes for over 30 years with advanced technology, focusing on customers, providing high quality products and service for clients; maintain outstanding status all the time in the environmental protection market.  

    The driving force of Yihuan’s development comes from the customers’ love and support in domestic and abroad, engineers from domestic cooperative colleges and design institutes, prominent personages caring for environment protection cause. All Yihuan’s staff and I express sincere gratitude and lofty honor to you! Thank you!

    Knowledge economy with characteristics of innovation has arrived in new century. The concept that the science & technology is the first productivity and improving environment for a sustainable development enjoys popular support. Yihuan’s staff is full of confidence to meet the challenge, look forward work together with you, identified the trend, seize opportunities, meet challenges, perseverance, pioneering, truth-seeking innovation, provide quality and trustworthiness, create brilliant future, in order to raise our country’s environmental protection technical level, enhancement her environment quality, improve the people’s lives quality, to achieve the sustainable development goal, joint effort and encourages understand between people from all over the world by our diligent working!

    "  Yihuan"   builds the green homeland with you!